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When & Where are the classes?


7:30pm – Studio


5:00pm – Studio

6:15pm – Zoom


09:30am – Winnersh

10:45am – Winnersh


10:00am – Zoom

How much does it cost?

Studio/Zoom Pay As You Go
£15per class
  • Payment 24hours before class
  • Available if space
Large Group Pay As You Go
£12per class
  • Payment 24hours before class
  • Available if space
  • Maximum Class Size = 12 people
Large Group Class Block
£8per class
  • Guarenteed Space
  • Payable in advance
  • 6 classes per block
  • 7 to 9 blocks per year
  • Max 12 students per class
Private Lessons
£50per class
  • 60 minutes of 1-2-1 attention
  • Or bring a friend & share the attention

Have questions? Why not pop over to my Frequently Asked Quesitons page.

Terms & Conditions

All clients will complete an enrolment form prior to attending any lessons so that Pawprints, Pilates & a piece of Cake can assess your requirements & any medical limitations.

The form will be emailed out upon confirmation of provisional mat space booking.


All blocks or classes must be paid for by bank transfer at least 24 hours prior to block/class commencement.

Bank details will be provided in the client welcome pack.

Cancellation Policy

If you need to cancel your PAYG or private session, please give me 24 hourse notice. For anyting less than this you will be charged.

Have Questions?

Have a look at the list over there -> and if you can’t see an answer that satisfies then drop me an email.

The top 3 asked questions.

Choose comfortable, form fitting clothing – fitted top, leggings/tracksuit bottoms or similar; I need to be able to see your body alightment.

Bare feet or grippy socks to help you connect with the floor, no shoes or trainers please.

At the studio I provide everything you will need, you just bring yourself.

When attending an online class you will need to provide your own equipment.

work out where you are going to do your Pilates – I would ideally like to be able to see you when you stand up & lie down on your mat – a camera angle like this would be ideal ->

have all your equipment to hand – the minimum you will need is a mat & a head cushion or hand towel.  If you’re feeling flexibly challenged, you’ll also need something to sit on that’s high enough (and not too wobbly) for you to be able to sit on the floor with your legs straight out in front of you.

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