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Bare feet or grippy socks. This enables you to feel the floor. If for medical reasons you need to wear cushioned soles, then trainers it will need to be, but a lot of class is lying on the mat so make sure they don’t take too long to take off or put on

I personally wear grippy toe socks.

Definitely – I am.

All classes are small in numbers of participants (4 in the studio – 8 on zoom) so all fitness levels can be accommodated in a single class.

Here is a list of the equipment used in class:

  • Mat
  • Head Cushion
  • Resistance Band
  • 7″ Squishy Ball
  • Hand/Wrist Weights
  • Leg/Ankle Weights

Thursday 10am is a foam roller class.

All equipment is provided if you do a class at the studio. You can bring your own – a lot of people do especially in the last couple of years (no sharing!) If you are doing class online, then you will need your own stuff.

I often have some items for sale see the shop for more details or see the props page for recommendations.

Choose comfortable, form fitting clothing – fitted top, leggings/tracksuit bottoms or similar; I need to be able to see your body alightment.

Yes, you need to keep hydrated so a bottle of water or other soft drink.

The class last 60 minutes, so please arrive 5 to 10 minutes before hand to set yourself up.

There will not be any formal breaks within the class (there are occasional rest periods).

You are always in control so if you need to have a break during the class then please rest. Our bodies are all different on different days so things you could do the previous class you might not be able to do this class. Hopefully one of the benefits of a regular Pilates class will be getting in tune with your body.

Please go – there is access to one at the studio. You will be reminded of where it is at each class and of what the current health protocols are for example Do you need to sanitise your hands before touching anything – probably and hand sanitizer is provided.

Nope. I believe that people should be able to ask questions whenever they want, saying that no one is forced to chat if they don’t’ want to. Some days we just want to be quiet.

All exercises have levels and alternatives which you get taught. You are in control of your body so you will always have the choice of which level you do. Our bodies don’t work the same way everyday so part of my teaching ethos is to teach you how to do the exercise so you can pick the level suitable for you on that day you are doing class.

No. Everyone starts somewhere.

No. Payment is by bank transfer only now.

Yes, your first group class is always complimentary. Just to make sure my teaching style is what you are looking for.

Yes, prior to attending a class you are required to complete an enrolment form which includes a medical questionnaire.

This is so that I know how to adapt the exercises for you. Also, I am not insured to teach everyone there are certain groups of people for example those who are pre/post natal (up to 6 months) or persons under the age of 18.

If you want to have a look at the form it’s located here.

In the studio you are provided with a tray to put all of your personal belongings in during class.

The trays are close to your mat.

If for any reason you need to leave, please feel free. As the classes are small it will clause a slight disruption.

No, I don’t believe anyone can call themselves an expert – every day is a learning day. The classes are aimed at mixed abilities so you might not be doing what the others are for an exercise. Dependent upon what issues people are having on a given day will depend upon which exercises they do and at what level. If you’ve done a lot of gardening the weekend before class, you might have a tight back. Or if you’ve done some cycling your hamstrings might be a bit achy?

Online lessons work really easily, so if technology isn’t your thing don’t fret!

A clear and incident free online lesson relies on setting up and checking a few things before we connect.

1 | Internet connection
Online lessons rely on a fast and stable internet connection. Make sure your connection speed isn’t being hindered by uploads/downloads/streaming TV whilst the lesson is in progress.

Use the Ookla speedtest to determine what your download and upload speeds are
The higher these numbers the better!
As a minimum, you want a download speed of at least 15mbps and upload speed of 9mbps
If your connection is too slow:
The fastest possible connection is via ethernet cable
Consider using a device which has an ethernet port (PC/laptop/notebook) and purchase an ethernet cable if you don’t have one already
Connect your device to the router via ethernet cable and retest your speed
If you absolutely have to use Wi-Fi, move closer to the router
If neither of these solutions work:
Badger your internet provider! You should be getting the bandwidth you’re paying for
If this proves unsuccessful, jump ship and find a better provider
As a temporary solution, you could try connecting over phone data (4G/5G) by using your smart phone as a WiFi hotspot
2 | Webcam placement
Make sure you set up the camera angle so that your whole body can be seen on screen. Ideally your feet too – but not to worry if you can’t get everything in!

3 | Lesson space
Find a light, comfortable place in your home where you can move for online lessons.

Try to avoid being back-lit by facing the source of light during your lesson. This will help me to see you clearly.

4 | Device
Devices such as notebooks and tablets allow you to be flexible about where you are in your home and many have built in webcams and microphones.

But be aware about the changes in the strength of your WiFi signal as you move around the house.

Being wired into your router via an ethernet cable will be quicker and more stable than wireless.

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Do the dogs attend the classes?

Although there is a picture of me doing a class with my dogs when I am teaching my dogs enjoy some down time in their bedroom.

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