What do you need to attend a Pilates Foam Roller Class via Zoom?

Trudy lying on her back with her arms reaching to the ceiling and one bent leg pointing to the ceiling. She is doing this whilst balancing on a white foam roller

You’ve seen the adverts on social media and fancy trying my Pilates Foam Roller Class. You’re a little apprehensive about what will happen / what the format is and what you need to have to make sure you are ready for the class. Below I hope I can demystify what will happen and answer your questions. If I don’t, pop over to the FAQ page and it might be on there, if it’s not, please send me a message and I’ll reply. There are no silly questions just unanswered ones!

Before a Pilates Foam Roller class?

So you sent me an email & I replied back saying “Yay, please complete the attached forms”. These forms are the enrolment form and the online permissions form. I need these so I know about your body and you accept responsibility for yourself whilst doing the class. You are going to be remote from me, in my studio I would be able to physically adjust your body with my hands guiding you, online we’re going to have to rely on my eagle eyes and your body awareness .

It’s online so the first thing that needs sorting is the tech. You’ll need an internet connected device (phone, tablet or computer) with a big screen. If you can stream the device to the telly then Fabulous otherwise a computer monitor will do. Although I have taught clients view their phones that’s not advisable until you fully understand what we are going to do. Once you’ve got the device then you need to tootle off to the Zoom website (or your app store) and get the app.  Each block of classes with have a unique meeting id and passcode which you will receive once you’ve booked onto the class & paid.

What to wear?

Close fitting clothing please. I know not what any of us really want to wear but I need to see your body and how it moves. You are going to be in the same situation as everyone else so please don’t stress about it. Ideally I’d like some funky bright contrasting coloured clothes so I can distinguish you from the room you are in.

And on my feet?

Unless there is a medical need I would like you to not wear shoes, bare feet is ideal however if like me you get cold feet then some socks would be good. The socks need to be non-slip so some grippy yoga socks are good. Or you could join me in the unusual liking of toe socks!

Anything else?

If you have long hair it will need to be tamed I would suggest either a low pony tail or a very high pony tail remember you are going to be lying on your back.

Set up your environment?

Before class set up your environment, get all the equipment you need (see the list later on) and arrange it in a quiet place where you won’t be interrupted. This is your time to focus on your body. You need a space big enough to lie down on a mat and stretch your arms out to their fullest extent to the sides and above your head.

The class is based around the Foam Roller Pilates prop which is a solidish cylinder 90cm (36”) long by 15cm (6”) in diameter. They can be bought from all sorts of suppliers. The ones I prefer are from the Physical Company (https://www.physicalcompany.co.uk/foam-rollers) However I don’t advise you buying one until you’ve decided you are committed to the class. And then when you do want to buy one let me know as I can get discounts in various suppliers.


The alternative to start with is a series of rolled up towels or blankets to make the cylinder.


What other equipment do I need?


In addition to the mat & roller you will need:


2.5cm (1”) foam head cushion or hand towel

Light weights 0.5kg to start with or 2 tins from the kitchen

A resistance band or pair of thick tights

Are you ready to join the class?

In summary you need the following sorted before you join the Thursday 10am Foam Roller Pilates class:

  • An internet enabled device.
  • The Zoom app downloaded & installed on the above.
  • Comfortable form fitting clothing.
  • Non-Slip socks or bare feet.
  • A Pilates/Yoga mat or carpet.
  • A 90cm long by 15cm diameter Foam Roller or alternative.
  • A head cushion.
  • A pair of small weights.
  • A Resistance band.

Plus your smiling face and an open mind.

Ready to start your Pilates journey?

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