Q is for Quality

A quote often attributed to Joseph H Pilates is

“Concentrate on the correct movement each time you exercise, lest you do them improperly and thus lose all the vital benefits”

Apparently, he said it in response to the rise in popularity of callisthenics (what we now call aerobics classes).

The idea in those classes was to do LOTS of repetitions of exercises very quickly to music. It can be a fun way to exercise and is fab for improving your aerobic (heart/lung) capacity.  To do lots of exercise in a short period of time you need to reduce the range of the joints being used. Take squats for example a full flexion of the knee squat would take you from standing upright to crouching with your bottom near the floor. Trying to do that to a fast cardio beat (think BeeGees Stayin Alive) won’t work.

So, the idea is we only do a max of 12 reps for any exercise, and we do them through our full range of motion for that joint(s) we are working.

Somethings this does not work out as I get distracted by someone’s form and forget to keep counting ?

Maybe we need some background music, so we move to the beat, and I don’t have to count we just change exercise when the music changes phrase?

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