M is for Menopause. You know it had to figure somewhere in an A to Z that features Hormones 🙂

As we age our hormone levels decrease, those that have more oestrogen to start with find this time more challenging and it’s been given its own name – Perimenopause. Menopause is the time once the ability to get pregnant is over.

So, as we age our hormone levels decrease which has a knock-on effect of reducing our bone density which is why there are more fragility fractures in older people than younger. But when does a person become older and when are they younger in terms of bone health?

You all remember those curve graphs from school showing the distribution of things well the highest point on the bone mass graph is about the age of 35!!!! As a species, we’ve not really evolved to cope with our longer lifespans.

As the saying goes, I’ll just leave that there.