H is for Hormones

H is for Hormones but what have hormones got to do with Bone Health, I hear you ask!

One of them, Parathyroid triggers the release of calcium from bones. So, if our bodies cannot get enough calcium to function, they will get it from our main calcium stores, our bones. Which is not good for the density of those bones? Calcitonin (a hormone produced by the thyroid gland) stops this release and Oestrogen (that well-known “female” hormone) can stop the production of the Parathyroid hormone.

Oh, what a tangled web of conflicting hormones our bodies are. It’s why we need to firstly know about our hormone levels and secondly to have balance in them. Hormones are not the only things we need to balance in our lives as they have an impact on our Bone Health. Here’s a list of things you might know have negative impacts but maybe there are some you don’t know about:

– Alcohol

– Caffeine

– High-fat diet

– Fizzy drinks

– Salt

Everything in moderation is what my gran used to say and the more I learn about the human body the more that rings true.

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