G is for Genetics

As with everything in life to do with our bodies a big portion of our development is predetermined in the genetic code we are given by our parents.

It’s thought that our genes regulate our peak bone density and our rate of bone loss. However, we are able to make choices to combat some of our genetic predispositions.

One of those choices could be including a regular exercise habit in your life.  When you think about creating a new exercise habit you need to consider why you are doing it. When you join a Pilates class you fill in an enrolment form, part of it is asking you about your goals for undertaking Pilates.

It’s difficult to write “I’d like to combat my genetic predisposition to weak bones” but it is easy to write “I’d like a stronger core”. We often get told (by social media) that the problems with our backs or bones are due to a weak core.  This is not altogether true it might be you have weak bones because you are genetically preprogrammed to be like that. Whatever the reason is, any exercise habit you include in your life must be enjoyable otherwise it won’t stick.

So, what do you do for exercise?

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