F is for Fracture

F is for Fracture. It’s a sad fact that people break bones, it’s one of those things that’s on the often-seen list going around social media -How many of these have you done? A point for each!

Just like any other material if bones are put under an unnatural force they will break. Bones are fairly resilient, during everyday activities, like walking or jumping, a typical skeletal framework could experience loads that are four to 20 times a person’s body weigh.

It’s this ability to withstand our daily lives that usually highlights people with osteoporosis. Have you ever heard about a more elderly person who walked out of their door and tripped over the curb, and this resulted in a fractured hip? These types of fractures are called fragility fractures. Formally defined as a fracture following a fall from standing height or less.

Have you ever broken a bone? Do you have a daredevil story to go with it? I’d love to hear about it

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