E is for Exercise

We’ve got to the 5th letter of the alphabet E and E is for Exercise. You know that word had to fit in somewhere (didn’t you :0) )

Just like the astronauts on the space station, our bodies like to move. Us humans like to give names to things, if you chatted to a Victorian person about their chosen form of exercise, they would have immense difficulty understanding what you were talking about. Exercise as a thing in itself is a newish concept that’s come about due to us having relatively more free time & increasingly sedentary jobs (the time it takes to hunt/gather our food and water has reduced over the years!).

So, we’ve come up with this concept of exercise.  Basically, we all need to move more. We also need to learn how different types of movement will benefit our bodies. I’m qualified to teach Pilates for Bone Health and rather a run specific classes I like to include the principles of Bone Health in all of my classes. So, you’ll see weight-bearing exercises, resistance exercises, and balance exercises along with the more traditional Pilates exercises in my classes.

What’s your favourite form of exercise?

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