Musings about Stamina


Something I think we all are feeling like we are lacking now.

But wait, are we? or is it just something that we collectively feel we should have more of?

We are dealing with a global pandemic the like of which our country has not seen for 100 years. Should we try to carry on as though it isn’t happening?

A while ago in a coaching community I heard the phrase “don’t should on yourself” It resonated so much. It’s something I am so guilty of doing. I should be doing x, y, z. it’s the expected thing.

Well, I took me a while, but I decided to say “no – I refuse to do things just because I should”.  It’s been a game changer and takes a LOT of courage, the pay off a freer mind.

If I had carried on with what I should have been doing, I would still be flying around the world, earning a decent amount of money but not having time to spend it, living in posh hotels on my own.

By now hating every minute of it.

Instead, I chose another route one that was not necessarily the should (I don’t look like most Pilates instructors – maybe if I practiced more I would but then maybe if I gave up my love of cake I would also!!!!!) but definitely the more life affirming one.

I become a pilates teacher and got to meet all of you.

So back to stamina, it comes in all sorts of forms. At its simplest it’s the ability to just keep going, I think however that it’s not that simple – as we also need to know when to rest to be able to keep going.

It’s the balance of all these things that Pilates has taught me, why there’s no one single principle but a collection of principles. Joseph apparently had 6, Body Control Pilates have 8 – I might add a couple of them myself….


Do you have enough in your life?

Do you want more? Always, I hear you say. What would you do if you had more?

Whilst researching what the word actually means I was reminded that it can apply to mental processes as well as physical ones.

I think that we all need more mental stamina at the moment to cope with this unusual year, which I feel might turn into an unusual two years!!!!!!

Each week, undertaking the movements within the Pilates class in a flowing manner will add to your physical stamina. Whilst keeping moving in a mindful manner, which is the theme of the week, will hopefully aid the little grey cells.

So back to the questions at the top – What would you do if you had more stamina? Let me know, I’m intrigued.