Kimel Community Cafe

The first in the new series “101 places to eat cake with dogs” that I am going to share with you is the wonderful Kimel Community Cafe.

We had a lazy Saturday gardening the morning then once it had cooled down a bit out for a long dog walk. Lucky for us we have the most wonderful Community Cafe on the outskirts of Wokingham about a mile from our house. We’ve got various routes to reach it, this weekend we went via Lesley Sears & Viking Fields. Lesley Sears field had recently been mown so there were several families enjoying the piece and quiet. Viking field has been left, I think as part of Plantlife’s No Mow May, and it looks stunning. Kimel Cafe is out of Viking Field into Tanners Row, then it’s a right onto Evendons Lane, over Manor Road and it’s just on the left.

The cafe is small but has a huge heart. It’s a community cafe supporting neurodivergent youngsters.  As the weather was glorious Nigel stayed out side with the girls (dogs are allowed inside) whilst I ordered.

Being late in the day there was a limited selection but still 2 choices of chocolate cake. We opted for cold drinks [note to self for future trip look at the milkshake menu – someone bought two whilst we were there and they look fab]. The server helped me out with our order and when they saw the dogs asked if they would like a puppucchino. They’ve not had one before so that was a yes ?

We had a rocky road slice and a peanut butter & Oreo slice. The peanut butter & oreo slice was just the right side of gooey brownie to be easy to eat without it falling apart but also without it being so gooey it sticks to your mouth. The Rocky Road slice was on the biscuity side of rocky road but delicious none the less.

The puppucchinos went down very well with the girls. To combat all that sweetness I got them some beef sticks, the shop has a small selection of dog treats (from a small bakery in Cornwall).


Overall a wonderful place to visit so if you are passing pop in and enjoy some tasty treats whilst supporting a good cause..

Visit Details

  • When: 20th May 2023
  • Where: Kimel Community Cafe
  • Who: Trudy, Nigel, Ziva & Laney
  • Transport Mode: On Foot


  • Cake: 5 stars
  • Drinks: 3 stars
  • Dog Menu: minimal
  • Veggie Available: Not checked
  • Vegan Available: Not checked