Just like the seasons flow from one into another the Pilates method exercises are designed to flow together. This flow can either be between different exercises to make up a seamless moving class or between the different stages of each exercise.

In class we start each exercise at a point that everyone can do then as the repetitions increase the exercise changes to increase difficulty – everyone knows to stay at the difficulty that is right for them on that day. This might mean regressing to an earlier version of an exercise if your body is not feeling the Pilates love!

The aim is to do a full 60-minute class with NO stopping at all!!! Which scares some people however I believe that everyone can do it if you remember you move when you breath
• some people just need to stop and rest whilst keeping breathing!!!
• others need to concentrate on the combinations I suggest each week for the exercises so that their minds get to forget the outside world for an hour.

Featured Image Photo Credit: FLY:D on Unsplash