It’s a bit lacking this week. I think that most people’s mental health is suffering with this latest lockdown. I believe that this is mostly due to the weather – we always feel better as a nation when the sun is out.

I’ve recently found out that things I thought were normal for everyone are actually not. I was diagnosed with ADHD (inattentive sub-group) last week. I need to research it more but one of the things I found out in my research so far is that my brain likes to have my body doing something for it to be able to concentrate.

Which has been a bit of a penny dropping moment for me on why I LOVE Pilates. Moving arms and legs in different patterns whilst centring your core muscles is SO many things – my brain LOVEs it, but it also can’t think about anything else.

I realised chatting to other people that this is a meditative state which goes some way to explaining why find it is calm invoking.

Watch out there might be some unusual combinations this week!