Chocolate and ginger cupcakes

2021 Second Annual Charity Cake Sale

As I type this the second annual charity Cake Sale Day 1 has been and gone. Raising a fabulous £97 to be shared between Dogs on the Streets and Crisis At Christmas

Initially the idea was to run two days of cake sale – yesterday between my two pilates classes at St Mary the Virgin Parish Hall, Winnersh and then on Saturday between 2 pilates classes at my studio. Saturday’s in person sessions are being cancelled in light of the current COVID climate.

There’s a couple of special cake deliveries that I will be making over the next week which will boost the total.

Thank you to all who have donated so far.

Here are the cakes that I baked this year…

The Hairy Bikers Lemon Drizzle Cake

A favourite in our house since we watched thier Mums know best BBC show and saw how easy it was to make an all-in-one sponge cake. I quite often substitute the fresh lemons for lemon juice and lemon marmalade!

I couldn’t find the orginal recipe online but here is a fab skinny alternative ->

Hairy Bikers skinny alternative to Lemon Drizzle Cake

a slice through of a soft sponge yellowy lemon drizzle cake

Delia’s Dundee Cake

When I went to university my mum bought me a copy of Delia Smith’s cook book. In it I found this recipe for Dundee cake which has been a favourite ever since.

You can check out the recipe here

Traditional Bread Pudding

I used to love this as a child and hadn’t had if for ages until one of my Monday night students volentreed to make it for the Charity Cake Sale last year. It tasted just as I remembered so I asked him to make it again this year and it didn’t disapoint.

You can check out an similar recipe here.

Vegan Mocha Cake

Making sure I catered for as many different dietry desires as possible I included this scrummy Vegan coffee cake that the fabulous Jen introduced me to last year.

You can find the recipe here

Plain Cupcakes

I did these just in case someone wanted a bit of cake but wanted a plain option. I’m pleased I did as someone is pre-diebetic so is being very careful with thier diet. Note to self – look up some better options for the future, if you have a favourite pop me an email so I can investigate.

Check out the recipe here

Image for Plain Cupcakes by Food Photographer David Fedulov on Unsplash

Wright’s Chocolate Fudge and Ginger Cake Mixes

The two last options for the cake selection were quick and easy to make. I’ve found these cake mixes recently and they are sooooooo quick to make it seems really naughty. The taste really good.

Check out the website here